Friday, November 7, 2014

Deliveries, Orientation, and District Meeting

First off, President Dunn celebrated the win of his favorite team, and wore this on Halloween.

Elder Allred and I delivered a new washer to the Rynfield/Etwatwa flat elders. Four elders in one flat. The drive was one hour away and it didn't even feel that long because of the great traveling companion I have! The elders were so excited to get a brand new washer.  

Here they are going up three flights of stairs. Elder Swindlehurst, Elder Peterson and Elder Compton.

Elder Bergman from Sweden came to South Africa one month ago with ten long-sleeved shirts. He was not loving the hot weather and asked if someone could cut off and hem the shirts for him. I had fun doing that and am sure he will feel a lot more comfortable.

Elders hanging out in the living room of the mission home.

Elder Van Heerden playing the guitar. I am amazed at how many of our elders play musical instruments! I encourage all young people to learn to play a musical instrument. You will not regret it!!

Elder Allen

The lovely set up for the Braai

President Dunn is the braai king. He knows how to grill a mean cheeseburger!

Sister Dunn's cute mother from Utah. She just arrived Thursday morning at 12:00 AM for a month's stay. This is going to be a special time for them both! She is a sweetheart and I love her already!

Elder May from Utah, and Elder Di Ruscio from Italy, Elder Nicotra from Italy and Elder Manuma from American Samoa.

Elder Santoro from Italy and Elder Avial.

The elders have a blast playing ping pong. President Dunn on the side grilling up a storm.

Yup, The. Best. Burgers. Ever! I like mine with German mustard and sweet chili sauce (an African favorite) African ketchup (tomato sauce) and mustard sauce are not like we're used to. The flavor is a bit off for the American palette.
Happy, hungry elders enjoying the braai

Filling their plates
They did not go away hungry!
The sweet Chili Sauce is a favorite of everyone. Elder Stilgoe.


Friday is district meeting. We love meeting with these great elders. Elder Raymond from Brisbane Australia is the district leader. My brother David served his mission there! Elder Barendse is from Eastern Cape, South Africa, Elder Adjin is from Ghana, and Elder Sikuku.

A couple of weeks ago I was asking them about their eating habits and cooking skills and we decided to have a cooking class. They voted on Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Although a few did not know what a Philly was, they were excited. Elder Allred and I went shopping and yesterday we had a cooking class after district meeting. We were happy to have the zone leaders join us. Elder Dalton and Elder Malapula.

They cut up onions, all the while crying but having fun. Then green peppers and the steak.
Elder Dalton did the sauteing. All of the elders helped in some way. These elders are so fun!

Elder Adjin and Elder Barendse

Elder Sikuku and Elder Raymond slicing the steak into thin strips, with Elder Dalton giving two thumbs up!

Elder Malapula and Elder Sikuku following along with the recipe.

The rolls were sliced and placed on the oven rack to toast. We placed sliced mozzarella cheese on the hot toasted rolls and filled with the cheesesteak. By the way, the secret to a great cheesesteak is to add cream cheese.

I have never heard so many uummm's before in my life! They all loved the Philly Cheesesteaks, and after seeing how simple they are to make, they 'committed' to making them in the future :) L-R Barendse, Sikuku, Adjin, Malapula and half of Elder Dalton.

Elder Sikuku, Adjin, Malapula, Dalton, and Elder Raymond. We love these awesome elders. It was so much fun being with them. They have been taught well because their manners, conversation, and spirits are amazing. We missed Elder Stapley who was moved to Carletonville, but I gave him the recipe and he said he is going to make them.

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