Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tranfer Day

Yesterday was the second transfer day of our mission. We feel blessed to experience this very big day in the mission. This time around 90% of the mission experienced a change. I was helping President and Sister Dunn take photos all day with their camera, and at the end of the day was able to snap a few photos with mine. Check out The Dunn's blog to see how the day went. Sister Dunn will probably break down the day in several posts.

Elder Segil and an African salesman. He keeps coming to the office to try and sell his covered journals and such. 

The elders have a great time reconnecting with each other. Elder Stapley and ?

Several groups where throwing a rugby ball around

To teach emergency preparedness, President Dunn asked all the elders to store a 2 liter bottle of water and a bag of pap (pronounced pop, a corn maze which is an African staple) It was nice to see an obedient missionary!

Packing the cars

All the elders are awesome. They are great at posing for photos.

Elder Togiatomai from New Zealand, Elder Tumarae from Bora Bora, and Elder Segil

Finally got a great closeup of the little Yellow Weaver bird. This tree is in the yard where our flat is.

Here he is by some of the nests. If the girl bird doesn't like the build job on the nest, she will cut it down with her beak and he has to start all over again. Cruel!
Elder Max going to Kimberly SA and Elder Davies going home to Brisbane Australia, came to the office today, waiting for their ride to the airport. Two years are passed and their families are excited to have them home.We will miss them. It's such a bittersweet time. 

Workers installing a new air conditioner/heating unit in the ceiling of the mission office. They started this morning and will finish tomorrow, hopefully!

There was so much commotion, no one could do any work. Sister Hansen and I left and did the shopping for flats supplies, Thompsons worked because they both have offices with doors, and Elders Hansen and Allred stayed behind to guard the fort.

We also had the copier checked out today. Lately, anytime someone tries to print, the power shuts down on all 9 computers and the printer. Quite frustrating when we are all working on documents, emails, and other really important mission tasks!!

A little taste testing brought to us by the Hansens. Purchased at the Super Spar. Apple strudel, black forest cake, caramel vanilla cake, and malva cake ( an African treat) We liked them all, but the apple strudel was a little disappointing.

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