Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rainy Days 'n' Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays...

Heading to Potchefstroom to deliver another washer to elders that needed a new one. It was early and the sides of the road were just as crowded as the roads themselves. 
On their way to school. The norm is school uniforms, and all of the children look sharp!

I feel bad this is blurry, but wanted to show these two mothers with their babies strapped to their backs. Smart way to keep your hands free, and the babies love to be snuggled close to mommy.

Protea Glen township. This seemed to go on for miles.

This is a photo of a geyser (water heater) on top of a house. Some of them are placed in attics.

There are footpaths all over the place

African cows

We loved this trip! It was fun to be out in the country.

Out with the old. Elder Allred and Elder Liera

In with the new. Elder Perez from St. George and Elder Liera from CA.

A light moment with Elders Liera, Pier, and Perez. It was raining and Elder Perez grabbed an old umbrella that Elder Lohmann left when he returned to Germany last month.

We went to a street vendor in Ikageng. Coke even sponsors them and made posters for the vendor.

They name their sandwiches after soap operas. You can order a full loaf, a half loaf, a kota (quarter loaf) or two slices of bread. The elders love the kota. achaar is a very hot sauce so we skipped that. A Russian is a sausage (I said I would never try one but I did and it was really good) The sandwiches were stuffed full of all of the ingredients plus chips.

Chips are french fries. I know, it sounds really weird, but it works! Tasted good. I couldn't finish mine cause it was so big, and as we were walking out some school children were walking past. I asked  a little boy if he wanted my left overs and a can of sprite. He couldn't speak English, only speaks Swahili, but he understood that I was giving food to him. He nodded yes and called his friends over to see what he had. It was fun to make him feel special having that after school treat!

This young man had two kotas.

Our dining group standing just inside the little stand. It was raining really hard.

We met these two young men at the street vendor and they were interested in what we were doing in South Africa. We promptly gave them pass-along cards. I asked them if they liked to read...yes... so I gave them one that had the book of Mormon on it. We told them the missionaries would bring them the 'Book' to read. He asked if they had one right now, so Elder Liera ran to the car and got two copies, plus The Restoration pamphlet and told them about it. I told them they need to read the introduction and we showed them where it was. To our surprise they both immediately read it all the way through! I took a photo cause I couldn't believe they did that. Elder Pier took photos too and posted about it. He asked them to attend a family home evening that night, but they didn't show up. Hope the missionaries can connect with them soon.

School children looking for an after school snack

The Backstage sandwich

It feels a little like Fall with rain, fog and cooler temps

Isn't this just the sweetest photo ever?

We found there are gold mines throughout this area. In the distance you can see the mine shafts.

Gold mine

Building a fire to keep warm

This is a police vehicle. They all drive these little trucks or a VW, not a bug but some other model.

Such a fun day with my companion!

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