Sunday, November 16, 2014

Clouds, Temple Trip, and a Gourmet Lunch

South Africa likes Coke!

Our first clue that the temple was near

Our hiking buddy as we walked to the overlook

There is a path you can take that leads to this outlook over Johannesburg. So glad the Jacarandas are still in bloom.
Just beautiful!

Angel Moroni

Friendly Hadedas 

Just waiting for our lunch date with our friends. There is a stream that flows through the area and seating under the grove of trees.

Waterfall between the Area office and the Johannesburg temple.

A fun poster on the side of the road

After going to the temple, we went to lunch with the Hansens and the Jones. The cafe was called Olives and Plates and is at the Witwatersrand University culinary arts school. Totally run by students and their professors.  

We quickly checked out the dessert table, recommended by Sister Jones. Yes we all ordered cake.

Sister Hanen and Sister Jones

Elder Jones is Elder Gene R Cook's executive secretary.

It was the Hansen's 44th anniversary. What a fun celebration for them. We felt privileged to be invited to tag along!

Lunch! This was sooo good! And almost too pretty to eat.

We were seated under a canopy on the patio, and the weather was perfect!

What a fun day! Afterward we made our way back to the mission office and worked until 6pm.

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