Sunday, November 30, 2014

Super Food Shopping

 First off, we wanted to show you some lovely avocados that Dennis, the caretaker of our yard, picked from the tree next to our flat. We didn't even know that an avocado tree grew into a large tree! It towers over the flat.
The largest avocado is about 4 inches across!

And the taste is amazing. We eat it out of the shell with a spoon.
We (Hansens and Kent and I) took a trip on Friday morning to Super Spar, out in Fourways. We were on a mission to order the food for the three zone conferences that are in December. This zone conference will include a mission tour with Elder Carl B. Cook presiding and presenting. Elder Cook is the Area President.
This store is  really 'Super'! We were so impressed with the layout, how bright and clean it was, and with the variety that they carry.

Tons of display cases filled with food choices


Pickled Herring


Behind the food display cases is a beautiful kitchen area where the food is prepared

The choices at this buffet are endless. See the chefs in the background?

They prepare freshly squeezed orange juice and it is fabulous

A variety of Malva cake, a South African treat. Tastes like a Christmas pudding cake. It is served with custard sauce.

Dried fruit

The dessert displays were amazing. The following photos are for those who love sweets!
Those on a diet, please close your eyes.

About 28 cents

Beautiful little quail eggs

Jars of pickled quail eggs

There was a huge variety of everything imaginable in Super Spar, and we were in amazement at what we saw while we waited for our appointment to order the food for zone conferences. Again we see the contrast between the common and eccentric.

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