Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zone Conferences, shopping, and photos of the area

On our P-Day today we visited the Clear Water Mall. This mall is huge! Here is a photo of the way South Africa does the kids play area. Pretty cool.

Yup, Yankee Candles!

There were very nice, upscale stores in the mall. Some were had never heard of, others we knew very well.

There is even a grocery store in the Clear Water Mall. Look at the cute mini pineapples! 90 cents (U.S.) each.

We attended an adult meeting this afternoon at a stake center in Krugersdorp. These plaques are on the front of the building. 

The front yard of our flat. The home you see is the owner's home.

We had zone conferences last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Three zones per day for a total of nine zones. There are ten zones and the tenth is in the northernmost part of the mission. The conference for that zone was held on the Friday prior to the other three conferences. At present, there are 182 missionaries in South Africa Johannesburg mission. Elder Allred, along with at least two senior missionaries, helped inspect cars, set up the lunch, serve, cleanup, attend the sessions, and various activities. The senior sisters set up and served the lunch, and various other tasks. We were also able to attend the fantastic sessions given by President Dunn, Sister Dunn, and the assistants to the president (AP's) (Elder Davies and Elder Stevens).
I only took photos of the first zone conference with my camera, then used Sister Dunn's camera to take the remaining zone conferences. Check out President and Sister Dunn's blog link, at the right, to see the other days.

The Bedfordview meetinghouse, where our first zone conference was held

Missionary vehicles to be inspected; between the three zone conferences, we inspected 48 of them.

The Fourways meetinghouse - site of our second zone conference
The Pretoria East meetinghouse, where we held our final zone conference
Landscaping on the grounds of the Pretoria East meetinghouse
Senior missionaries that assisted with the Pretoria zone conference

This was the human Battleship game that President Dunn had the missionaries play. He used Preach My Gospel questions and when a team answered a question correctly, they got to lob a volleyball at the team on the other side of the black plastic curtain, trying to sink their battleship. They had a blast.

I missed one of the zone's photo shoots, but here are two of the three. 

The Lasagna

The beautiful salad. It had avocados in it!

No explanation needed.

The "mountain" in the background is a very large mound of mine tailings
Everywhere you go you see these sweet women carrying loads on their heads. They have beautiful posture and balance!

One of the large spiders we find hanging around the flat. This one was around two inches across! No kidding! You can ask Elder Allred if you don't believe me.

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