Sunday, September 28, 2014

A walk around the neighborhood, etc.

Today (Saturday) was our P-day. We haven't had a chance to take care of personal chores for almost two weeks, because on the previous Saturday we toured Johannesburg. This morning, before we cleaned our flat and went grocery shopping, we took a walk around our neighborhood. It was about
9 a.m. and the sun was up and the morning was already quite warm. It was a great experience to see the different types of houses and foliage that surround us. Aside from a brief walk early one evening last week, today's walk was our first serious endeavor to explore the area by foot. Here are some photos of what we saw as we did so, along with a few miscellaneous shots:

Lookng down our street, from our driveway

Some of the driveways are very steep! Looks like a four-wheel drive vehicle would come in handy

This beauty is right by our parking space at our flat. 

Okay, we were in awe at  the crescent at the bottom of the moon. Don't remember seeing it this way back home! Southern Hemisphere thing I presume. A little blurry, but you get the idea! We saw this the night we went to the MTC to play 'investigator' for the missionaries. They are leaving Tuesday for Cape Town and Zimbabwe. What great missionaries they will be. They have such excitement for the work they are about to embark on. Most were from Utah!

Lenny, our flat guest.  
The road our flat is on.

Not sure what this is, but isn't it pretty?


Look at the dates in the tree. They are all over here.

We were given a new car to use while we serve our mission. It's four days old and it's name is Toyota Corolla.

This is the canyon we drive through each day to get to and from the mission office. We see people walking on both sides of the road and you have to really be cautious cause they are not.

It's a five mile drive to the mission office.


  1. You're driving on the wrong side of the road Kent!! You should name your Corolla. Elder Jackson Lloyd's Corolla is Katie Corolla! You guys are riding in style for sure! Keep the pictures and experiences coming! We love it! Love Lenny as well. Enjoy his company for sure! ♥

  2. LOL! Yes he is, but it is amazing how quickly it all becomes familiar, but we do need to pay attention because our American brain takes over. Especially at the intersections :)
    For sure we will come up with a name for the new car. Elder Lloyd has a good car name! Thanks for checking up on us and keeping in touch. We love you all.