Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our new friends in Mohlakeng

We really enjoyed our Sunday meetings today with the Mohlakeng Cluster. There were around 27 in attendance. Sacrament meeting was spiritual and inspirational. A talk was given by one of the young women on building strong family relationships. A sister gave another great talk, and we had a high counselor speak. There was one young man and a father passing the sacrament. The above photo is of the sisters just after relief society. They were so kind to have their picture taken with me. I think of them already as my friends. Aren't they beautiful!! They all just shine! 

This is the Sunday School president and his baby boy.

This is the walkway to the room where we hold sacrament meeting, Sunday school, and relief society. 

This sweet mother wraps her baby up around her back so she can have both arms to carry her Sunday bag and other items back home. The members of the cluster are all within walking distance, which is such a blessing to them.

The primary president and her four primary children. The young boy is still in nursery.

A few photos on the way home.

A unique police vehicle.

A Crown of Thorns tree. See the one red blossom that represents a drop of blood? This tree is outside the gate at our residence.

Don't these thorns look wicked? I think it would have been unbearable for us as humans to do what the Savior did. He willingly paid the price for our sins and made it possible for us to find forgiveness and return home to our Heavenly Father. All we need do is make the necessary changes in our conduct, repent, commit to righteous living, and endure to the end. Seem difficult? It's really not that hard. Just make little changes each day, do a little better than yesterday and decide to not be the cause of some of the pain the Savior went through.

We love you all and think of you often. Be good to each other, give service, and try to make someone else's life a little easier. Stay happy! 

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