Thursday, September 4, 2014

A few more of the journey and our flat

Joburg from the air

One of the Joburg townships. These are built using whatever materials the people can find; sheets of metal, cardboard, wood, etc...

Joburg airport. This one's for Paul

Our front door, from the inside. The security gate locks with a key.

Our living room. Look at the beautiful flowers that greeted us! Elder and Sister Hansen set it all up for us and provided the flowers, new bedding, bath and kitchen linens. They also stocked the fridge with food!!

Love the African animal print bedspread!

 nice bath

Large kitchen. The washer and dryer are at the far end of the counters, washer on the left and dryer on the right.

Our flat is free standing and is behind a large home. This is the front yard.

We walk along the narrow path on the left to get to our flat.

Automatic gated entrance. The home has a million dollar security system with cool (spy movie) laser beams that are in the front and in the back. HONEST!!
We park our car in the empty space behind the gate. See the electric wire on top of the brick fence?
We feel very safe :o)

We hope you are all staying safe from the influences of the adversary and turning on your own spiritual security systems. Prayer, scripture study, happily going to church, attending the temple, and all of the basics of the gospel will keep us where we need to be. 
We love you all and miss you, even though it's only been three days!!

Please stay in touch! 
Sending all our love from South Africa XO


  1. That is a great looking flat! Sweet landscape with quite the security system. It's fun to see where you'll be living.

    1. :) New places are so much fun! More photos in today's blog.

  2. Amazing flat! You're going to love living there! Thanks for the pictures and the update! I'll be sure to show your bro! XOXO

    1. We feel really blessed to be in a nice place. Thanks for sharing with my bro :) love you guys!