Monday, September 8, 2014

A few stores around the area...P-Day

We were treated to a trip to 'Bake and Spice', a store like Shepherds, where we bought Nutty Wheat flour (whole wheat flour), Almond extract, vanilla, brown sugar (Africa doesn't have what I am used to but this is a very good substitute), sweetened condensed milk, flaked coconut, sugar, sunflower seeds, yeast...hummm....sounds like some baking is in the works!

We were told almond extract and chocolate chips are not to be found here, but THIS store does carry them! I'm in heaven!

Builder's Warehouse. A very large Home Depot type store. Anything and everything you need for your building pleasure!

These guys are called 'pickers' They go through everyone's garbage and pick out useful items to use and resell. They have these expandable bags on wheels. You see them everywhere.

Makro is a superstore quite like Sam's or Costco, plus you don't have to purchase large quantities of one item. Great concept!

This house looks like a flying saucer has landed on the hill! Kind of like Stark's house in Iron Man.
We worked in the office today, learning how they run this well oiled machine. These Senior missionary couples are amazing! We are very impressed that they have only been in the mission field for three months and they run the office like they have served for a year! We also went to inspect a missionary flat. This is done on a regular basis, and we will help with that as part of our assignment.

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