Saturday, October 25, 2014

Senior Couples FHE, Elders' Relocation

We senior couples have a monthly family home evening together. It is always a good time to be together. There is always lots of yummy food, good conversation, and just generally, a wonderful time!
This month, being October, we had a Halloween party! Elder and Sister Hansen were in charge and the rest of the office people helped do odds and ends. Look at the great Halloween decorations she created! 

This is the cute litte bat trees that Sister Hansen made. AWESOME!

Bats were everywhere!

After eating, we gathered in a circle and told scary ghost stories

Dinner included homemade chili made by Sister Hansen and Sister Thompson, wonderful homemade bread by Sister Dunn, baked potatoes and toppings from the Clowards. Elder and Sister Davie brought fruit salad (being almost summer, fruit is plentiful and sweet. MTC President and Sister Collins brought quesadillas made on cool cookers used by the MTC elders. We brought the drinks. There are fantastic cooks in the mission field.

President Collins and Sister Davie.
President Dunn and the Clowards are in the back.

Today we, along with the Hansens, helped four of our elders move to a new flat. Their flat had been broken into twice and we wanted them out of there. We drove two bakkies pulling trailers out to the old flat about 50 minutes away from us.

We arrived thinking Sister Hansen and I would need to assist in the clean up of the flat but...This is what we found!!!! These four elders told us they had spent the last week cleaning the whole flat. They showed us photos of the before and after. We are so proud of therm! 

They even mopped their way out of the flat!

The flat contents

All of the missionaries learn to roll up their bedding to make moving and transfer day easier.

Each elder carrying their mattress

And Sister Hansen keeping them all in line

Elder Pulley from CA

The moving crew, L-R,  Allreds, Elder Pederson ZL, Elder Wambua, Elder Pulley, (can't remember this elder's name. I'll update when I get it), Elder Watenga, Sister Hansen, Elder Tukia from Tonga, and Elder Hansen. The zone leaders were awesome coming and helping with the move.  

This mother and her little boy were headed to a picnic and the little boy was so curious about what we were doing. I had to take a photo.

The overflowing trailers! Two of everything for the furniture and four twin beds, along with kitchen, washer, four study desks, bookcase for missionary supplies, and personal items.

The drive to Hartbeespoort

One of the heavy loads

Awesome tire sale!

The elders told us that hijackers pour oil on the road and when your car spins out of control, they attack. So They said you just watch for shiny roads and try to avoid. Mostly happens at night.

The new flat and the happy elders. This flat is only 20 minutes away from their areas. 

As a reward, we all went to a late lunch at an Italian restaurant. 

The food was very good

South Africa has been decorating and marketing Christmas since October 1

Merry Christmas!

NECSA - one of South Africa's nuclear power plants

little shack beside the road

Beautiful South Africa countryside

My favorite South African driver! Kent does awesome driving the bakkie and trailer! It's tricky shifting with the left hand but he had no problem.

Shanty town.

Carrying a load down the middle of the road.

Johannesburg far off in the distance

All in all, it was a perfect day. The forecast had 90% thunder showers for today. We prayed hard last night for the rain to hold off so we could keep the furniture dry. This morning it was sunny and beautiful with the temps in the high 80's. Guess what it is doing right now??!! Thunder and heavy rain! So heavy that out the door of our bedroom it sounds like someone turned on the hose full blast, on top of the roof, and it is pouring buckets. Yup! We again have seen how much Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. Even a simple thing like asking for the  rain to wait, and He granted our request! We are humbled by His tender mercy for a few of His children.

Remember, He loves us, He values us and our simple desires and requests. He hears us as we plead for mercy. Sometimes the answer is no. We did have the tarps, and it would have been messy if the rain had come, but this time He blessed little old us!

Trust in the power of prayer and then have faith that help and answers will be given. As we pray, we have to keep working and doing. "Faith without works is dead".

Sending love, joy, and happiness to you all! Stay strong and carry on doing good, and keep the line of communication open to your Heavenly Father.

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