Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flat Inspections - Wednesday - Friday

This should be at the end of our blog, but when I uploaded the photos the following 23 photos jumped to the top.
Elder Allen and Elder Rini

Elder Wheatley and Elder Rogers

Elder Rogers, us and Elder Allen

This is the before. They asked how to clean the tub. I had them spray window cleaner, wait a minute and scrub with the scrubbing brush. It worked! They will finish cleaning and bring me the 'after' photos on Tuesday.

Elder Rini and Wheatley

Our Grand kids would love this!

Study room

Elders Brown and Zebe

This is a dead bird! They are roosting on the elders patio and the flat management are blaming the elders and making them clean up the mess and make it stop! WHAT!!!! Totally not the elders fault where the birds choose to live. We are working hard to get the elders moved. We told them to not clean up the mess because it was unsafe for them.

Yup, they are laying their eggs on the ground.

Elder Thompson is a really good cook. He said his mother taught him to cook and bake. She makes wedding cakes. When we arrived at their flat he was just taking a cake out of the oven!
As we speak to the elders during these flat inspections, and as we see they know how to cook, clean, and do simple repairs, I ask them how they learned it, (knowing beforehand what they would say), and they always say their mothers taught them. Alma 56:47-48 "yea, they had been taught by their mothers...And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it." Just absolutely love these elders and absolutely love their mothers!!!

Very clean!

He was so kind to share with us. It was made from scratch and tasted amazing. He will make an awesome husband to some lucky girl!

Us with Elders Brown and Thompson. In getting to know these two, found out I went to high school with Elder Thompson's uncle, Steven Terry! 

Heavy load for such a small truck.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom.

These Birds of Paradise look like they are peeking out from the bushes.

Wednesday October 8
We left our flat at 6:45 AM and headed for Selcourt. It took us one hour and ten minutes drive time. It was a fun drive, being able to see new areas of South Africa. First off we are amazed at the amount of BMWs, Audis, Mercedes Benzs! They constantly pass us on both sides. It's not like you see one, then twenty cars later you might see another. No! Three or four BMWs pass at the same time. Same with the Mercedes and Audis. Back in Utah you see Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Infinity, Dodge, Ford, get the idea. But in South Africa...Mercedes, Audi, Fiat, BMW, VW, Alfa Romeo YUP!, Jaguar, Honda, and tons of mini bakkes (trucks) filled with people in the back. Toyota , Chevy, and Ford are in the mix, with a bunch of cars we've never seen before. Someone said they also saw a DeLorean the other day. Most cars are small. Only a few are SUVs. Fancy cars must be dirt cheap in SA.

We passed several toll booths we physically had to pay R9.50 (about 95 cents) plus; in South Africa there is a mandatory transponder that all cars are required to have. As you pass the overhead receiver, it beeps and bills you. Many people are not happy about this and there are protests staged on some overpasses.

We are proud of  the elders for taking care of their stewardship. We were able to share some cleaning tips and we talked about how someday they will own their own home, and now is a great time to start learning some valuable life skills.
Elder Andritiana, Elder Allred, Elder Natwijuka

Elder Worton, Elder Allred, Elder Packard

Me with the elders

Elders Hughes, Allred, Silvester

Shiny Floor!

Creative shower curtain. Some of the flats have no shower curtain rods so these elders rigged their own by tying a rope to the curtain rod...

...across to a tension rod. Very clever!

Very clean bathroom!

Elder Ranjato, Allreds, and Elder Koyle

Elder Mead, Allreds, and Elder Asay

Elder Jackson, Allreds, Elder Wood

Elder Martin, Allreds, Elder Broadhead

This was an amazingly clean flat!

Elder Johnson, Holmquist, Allreds

Happy Birthday Elder Johnson! We delivered a package from his family and he was very happy!

These are wrappers from almost every candy bar in Africa.

They said other elders put the photos on the fridge, and that they were from the Era.  Hummm.

Clever fix

Elder Wilombe, Bryner, Allreds

New haircut.

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  1. Hello Allredsi! I was happy to find your blog now too! It sounds like you are keeping busy and happy. It's not quite the same as the MTC is it? What an experience this is!