Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer Week - March 31, 2015

Transfers are so involved that it takes weeks to prepare. The last few days are accomplished with President Dunn sequestered away in his office. He was very creative with the sign on the door and the missionaries really got a kick out of it. 

Kent and I took a new mattress set out to Mamalodi. The transfers put three missionaries in one flat until Elder Matos heads home in two weeks. He will be with Elder Liera and Elder Masoka.

Top L, Elder Togiatomai read in 'The New Era', that if you don't have shoe polish, just use banana peels to shine your shoes. It really worked! Top R, is Elders Magrangqa and Henley holding the #BecauseHeLives pass-along cards, Middle center Elder Beers, middle L, Elders Smith and Kairu.
Bottom L, Elder Riley and Elder Wambua. Middle, Elders  Reese and Larsen, and left is Elders Smith and Kairu happy that the weather has cooled enough to wear the winter coats they brought. 

New missionary Elder Roberts and his trainer Elder Dye

Elder Pulley is from CA

Elder Stilgoe and Elder Smith

Elder Kolditz was the lucky elder to wear the ugly suit at transfers. Here he is signing the jacket lining.

President and Sister Dunn

Elder Worton is the official scorekeeper at the transfer day volleyball game

LOL! Elder Kolditz' funny side.

Elder Richards, Quigley, Silvester, and Edeyaoch performed a musical number "How Can I Be" It was well done and everyone loved it.

Elder Allred and I with Elder Stapley. He is now back in Gilbert AZ. We already miss this great elder who we grew to love.

Us with Elder Kolditz modeling the departure suit


  1. This is Robyn (Isaac) jones. So fun to hear of your adventures. You're still one of my heroes!! Have fun doing so much good.

  2. Robyn! So nice to hear from you. It has been such a joy serving a mission. Hope you and your cute family are doing well. We miss you all! <3