Sunday, January 4, 2015

Interviews, Cluster, Nelson Mandela Square

The final mission president interviews ended on Friday, and they went out with a bang!
Starting with last week, Tomantican, a tomato, onion, egg dish that you serve on toast. Very good! 

The Tomantican group

Elder Garnica from Mexico is a gifted musician.

Elder Johnson and Elder Harris with the next group making no bake cookies

Me and Elder Natwinjuka

This group made Choco/peanut butter no bake cookies

Elder Johnson

Elder Natwinjuka, Elder Clegg, and Elder Wild

This is Elder Wild's recipe. Elder Wild is from England.

Elder Natwinjuka and Elder Clegg doing some sampling

Elder Going

Elder Adjin

Sister Dunn sharing a spiritual message of hope about her beautiful grandson Zachary

Elder Otieno making his fabulous Chapatis

Picture perfect and tasted so good!

Elder Koyle cooking up the chapatis

The elders jumped right in and helped clean up. Elder Koyle and Otieno

Elder Packard

This group of elders made pork noodles with an Asian flair. 

Can't believe how great they looked and tasted even better!

Our last group make chicken ala king! and I am telling you, it was superb! I will be making this recipe!

This is the recipe for Chicken Ala King


At the Cluster, last Sunday in December, we served refreshments. There were yummy cupcakes and we brought rice krispie treats and brownies. The Cluster members had never tasted rice krispie treats before and were trying to figure out how to make them. All wanted recipes for them and the brownies.

We sure love the cluster members.

On the way home from the cluster, we had a downpour!

There was flooding in many places


Saturday the Thompsons, Hansens, and us went to Joburg to Nelson Mandela Square. 
A really great day!

This was taken outside an African Market

A beautiful South African 
Awesome Mannequin

Nelson Mandela Square

Mural in the Sandton Mall. This mall was huge. 

Some of the stores have guards and double doors. They only let you in if they like the look of you.

Sandton Mall has four levels

We had lunch at Baglios

Lovely dessert display

I had a chicken sandwich that was so good. It came with a chilli sauce that was out of this world! And I love the fries in that awesome basket.

Kent's lasagne

Sister Thompson's salmon bagel sandwich

Elder Thompson's Mushroom fettuccine

Sister Hansen's Chicken panini

Elder Hansen's spaghetti, which he said was the best he's ever had!


We are looking at some changes toward the end of January. The Hansens are heading north to work as member and leader support (MLS), and Kent and I have been asked to take on their assignments in the office. We are excited to work so closely with all the missionaries, and to help with the duties that keep the mission running smoothly.

It's a blessing to serve a mission and to be doing so in South Africa is Off. The. Charts!
We encourage anyone who is contemplating serving a mission to just DO IT! You will not regret your decision, I promise! The time flies by and the part about missing family back home is softened by the fact that we will see them soon. The hard part will be that when we leave here, those friendships will be harder to leave because we will probably not see them again.

Did you know that you get to choose where you serve? I have a fantastic suggestion...choose South Africa Johannesburg Mission. You will not regret serving here. Beautiful people who love Christ and they want to hear what the missionaries have to say. Beautiful country and exciting things to see and do, and anything you need, you can buy here.

Family and Friends, we love you all. Stay safe, stay happy, and enjoy a wonderful New Year!

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