Tuesday, May 26, 2015

African Safari Part One - Entabeni

The wildebeest were the first to greet us as we drove into
Entabeni Game Park

We really learned to love the Wildebeest

We were told that hippos live in the lakes around the park,
but we didn't see them.

These mountains were a lovely backdrop to the park

We were greeted so warmly by the Hanglip lodge staff

The steward made the basket he is holding 

Lovely guava juice with grenadine, a juice made from pomegranates.  

The Hanglip lodge is beautiful. Here we are with the Thompsons.

Look at our room! It was a total dream.

It had a real thatch roof

The staff placed live flowers on our robes

our neighbors came by for a visit

My handsome safari companion

We were served lunch under the shade of the trees

Lunch was so yummy

we were all happy after the delightful afternoon lunch

More neighbors coming by for a visit

A short rest before our afternoon game drive

Lemon tree growing in the back of the lodge

In the summer, dinner is served around the fire


Goin' on a lion hunt....

Ephraim our guide

We spotted a white rhino and her two day old baby, on the right. Glad we had zoom, to stay out of their space.

birds hitchin' a ride

As it was getting dark we saw a giraffe eating a snack before bed time. They sleep lying down.

And we saw a cheetah! 

When we returned to our little cottage, we found the staff had prepared our room for the night

We welcomed the warm fire, after the very cold game drive

Dinner started with a delicious soup

main course was chicken cordon blue

Up early for the morning game drive

First we saw a young elephant having his breakfast

The wet spot on the side of his head is tears

And Ephraim didn't disappoint. He found a male and female lion who just had a kill. She was relaxing after all the excitement.

The male was over under the tree with their prize

Our little cottages

We arrived at the lodge after a three hour game drive, to find a lovely breakfast waiting. We felt like royalty because we were the only guests at the lodge. Everyone really catered to our needs and made us feel very welcome. I would totally recommend Entabeni Hanglip lodge. 

The appetizer

Omelet of our choosing

A photo with Ephraim

Our chef! He won our hearts with his personality and cooking skills!! He even shared a recipe for rusks, Yum! 

Our new friends at the Hanglip Lodge.

Banana trees

The next part of our trip started at Sephapane Lodge in Palaborwa, right on the edge of Kruger National Park
We stayed in a rondavel 

That night we ate at 'Hat and Creek'. What a fun restaurant. We were seated on the patio, and were serenaded by Dean Martin. 
Chicken schnitzel was delicious

Kent had a blue cheese smothered burger

Steak for the Thompsons

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