Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missionary Interviews and Cooking Demos

Our  great APs, Elder Stephens from Roy Utah and Elder Menendez from Lehi Utah.  

On the way to the store the other day I saw the mailmen! The postal strike, which began a  few months before we arrived, is now over. This is the first time since arriving in South Africa that I've seen a mailman. They ride bikes and have a carrier attached to the front. There were 5 mailmen riding together. Pretty efficient!

President Dunn is conducting missionary interviews during December. These are held at the mission home, so during the waiting time for the zones, Sister Dunn set up a cooking demo using the elders. First off we had the elders sing a few Christmas songs, then they wrote their thoughts, feelings or testimony of the Savior on a paper ornament that had thoughts or quotes about Christmas or missionary work. This being the time we celebrate His birth, it was a wonderful time to reflect on Him. There were sweet feelings as we heard the elders say many times, "this paper isn't large enough!"

They then placed the paper ornament with their testimony on the tree. Here is Elder Pederson.

Elder Barendse

They also learned that they could make cinnamon rolls, pizza and bread with pre made dough from Checkers, for only R12.5, or  under $1.25

Here Elder Benge is writing down his recipe for Benge's Macho Nacho's. They were amazing!

The elders loved it and the plate was licked clean!

The second cooking demo by chef  Pederson, on the right

Elder Pederson's creation was Pederson's Powerful Burritos

Sister Dunn's mother enjoyed her last day in South Africa helping out in the kitchen. We miss her already!

The completed burrito

We are compiling a recipe book by the elders, for the elders, with all recipes made during interviews. Should be a great book! We also talked about easy and inexpensive lunches and dinners. Lots of ideas that the elders said they would use. All in all a great event.

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