Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day Five - Last Day at the MTC

This is another picture of our district. This one taken today includes our morning teachers. Elder Copans (served in our mission!) standing on the left, and Sister Pace (served in Russia) standing on the right. They have been wonderful and have loved us and have taught us skills that have strengthened our testimonies and prepared us for the mission field.
I am not the same person that I was last week. Any fears that I had before are gone. I have always had a knowledge that Heavenly Father watches over us but have seen and felt fears melt away as we have focused on the Savior and His work. "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

President Hinckley once said, "You have His power within you to sustain you. You have the right to ministering angels about you to protect you. Do not let Goliath frighten you. Stand your ground."

Family and friends... "STAND YOUR GROUND!" Don't let fear or doubt or sin take over your life. We have the power to overcome, change, and be better. Faith and trust in the Lord, and then action is the key. He can do ANYTHING and All things to help and strengthen us. Trust Him! Trust that the Holy Ghost will prompt in times of weakness, and will comfort and give you direction and peace in times of indecision and trials. Heavenly Father loves you.

Neglecting any of the basics of the gospel just takes us further away from the Spirit, so DAILY do the basics so the Spirit can be your constant companion.

Remember that we love all of you and that you are daily in our personal and companion prayers. Please stay in touch and come along with us on this marvelous adventure.


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