Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mission Call Received!

Got our big white envelope on April 30, 2014! (4 weeks after submitting the paperwork) We were so excited. The waiting is a killer. Each Wednesday I would haunt the mail carrier to see if he brought it, and be disappointed when it wasn't in the mailbox. But last week was the magic Wednesday!
The kids came over and when Kent arrived home from work, we immediately went to the living room and had “the opening.” We called Jill and Paul, who are in Arizona, so they could join in the fun.
Boy were we all surprised. We didn't request a certain area and said we were open to anywhere. We were thinking that we would be sent somewhere in the USA. We couldn't have been more wrong!
We are going to serve in the South Africa Johannesburg mission! We leave for the Provo MTC August 25.

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